Tom Winterstein, Tejas Vyas und Aline Maruyama auf der digital Bau

PrefSuite at the digitalBau 2020

PrefSuite and PrefCo presented themselves to the new format “digital Bau”, which took place for the first time this year in Cologne.

“We, as PrefCo, were very open to this new exhibition, because we had the chance to show to architects, building owners and dealers that our customers (window producers) can offer them a bidirectional interface to Revit in BIM format with the online configurator PrefWeb.”. Tom Winterstein, Marketing and Sales Manager, PrefCo GmbH

As a positive conclusion, we are especially pleased with the quality of the discussions. We are looking forward to continuing the discussions at this year’s Frontale.
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Aluplast Innovation Day 2019 at PrefSuite customer brand

Aluplast is looking into the future. At Innovation Day 2019, Aluplast will talk about future trends from the point of view of producers and technician.

“We at PrefCo are delighted that Aluplast has chosen our joint customer brand for this event and that PrefSuite is also part of this innovation partnership.” Tom Winterstein, Marketing and Sales Manager, PrefCo GmbH

Besides the interesting lectures by Jürgen Huber on future challenges and Peter Schober/Ralf Greiner on vacuum glass, PrefCo had the opportunity to present its web-based configuration tool the “PrefWeb”.



Factory tour at brand

After the specialist lectures, a guided tour of the plant was also planned on the agenda. In addition to the modern and fully automated production, which is completely controlled by PrefSuite. The tour has a focus focus on the new high-bay warehouse. There, the PrefSuite application “PrefInventory” ensures that all orders are dynamically distributed by mobile application according to turnover frequency. Thanks to PrefInventory, the entire high-bay warehouse can be operated by 2 employees.

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Ideal Weinstock and PrefSuite

“We use the PrefSuite to produce our wood- and PVC windows and doors. Since converting to PrefSuite, we also use the PrefOrganizer for our capacity and shipping planning. Thanks to the organizer, we have not only achieved an ecological improvement – because we now produce paperless – but also our production processes were optimized. Today, our customers are increasingly praising our delivery reliability and, thanks to efficient planning, we can guarantee that the ordered goods will be delivered on time. Of course, this also leads to increased efficiency in our logistics, since a multiple approach to the dealer can be avoided 100%. We also appreciate the co-operation with PrefCo and is characterized by a partnership understanding”.

Stefan Weinstock
Managing Director Ideal Weinstock

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Brand: Dynamic warehousing with PrefInventory

“We have been working with the integrated static material management of PrefSuite for least 10 years, which works very well with the special features of window construction. With the investment in our new high-bay warehouse, PrefCo has further developed MAWI 2017 in such a way that we can now practice the most effective form of dynamic storage as an alternative to the fixed space system. Storage spaces are optimally utilised according to capacity, weight, turnover frequency, FIFO and route optimisation. Our warehouse staff and forklift drivers were quickly trained and now receive detailed instructions from the new ‘PrefInventory App’. Since then, they have been carrying out all booking procedures directly at the shelves. These bookings are immediately and effectively stored in the PrefSuite database so that errors are eliminated and valuable time is saved. The integrated residual staff management has reduced our residual staff stock to a minimum”.
Tobias Voigt
Managing Director brand Fenstertechnik

Brand: Dynamic warehousing with PrefInventory

The new warehouse app

PrefInventory |Dynamic warehouse via app

With PrefSuite’s dynamic warehousing, you can implement one of the most effective warehouses in your company. Storage areas are optimally utilized according to capacity, routes are optimized and your warehouse staff and forklift drivers receive detailed instructions..
As an extension of PrefGest, with PrefInventory the warehouse clerk is now able to carry out all booking processes on the shelf. These bookings are immediately and effectively stored in your database, so that you not only minimize errors but also save valuable time.



What PrefInventory Offers You

Decisive process optimization

With PrefInventory, the warehouse clerk is now in a position to carry out all booking procedures on the shelf.

Optimization of storage space

PrefInventory ensures that you can make optimum use of your existing storage space.

Route costs

Minimization of travel costs within the warehouse through consideration of turnover frequencies.

Evaluations and bookings

With PrefInventory you have countless evaluation possibilities and can book according to different procedures (FIFO, WAP, LIFO).


Use PrefInventory to integrate a Kanban system into your production.

Warehouse Logic

With PrefInventoy you are able to control dynamic and static warehouse.

“We use PrefInventory to control our dynamic high-bay warehouse. All processes function smoothly and we were able to minimize internal costs significantly. Thanks to PrefInventory we can operate our complete high bay warehouse with 2 employees”.
Tobias Voigt
Managing Director brand Fenstertechnik

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Waku | Wood/PVC/PVC-Alu with PrefSuite

“We have been successfully manufacturing our PVC /PVC-aluminium elements at WAKU for years, as well as our wood / wood-aluminium elements at Weinzetl and H&W with PrefSuite. The control of our modern machines for the plastic sector and also to more sophisticated CNC data for our wood production work very well with PrefCo. The respective launching with PrefCo took place smoothly. Here it depends on good project preparation and implementation on both sides. The experience of the PrefCo employees was and is an important resource for us. We enjoy working with PrefCo”.

Thomas König
IT, Waku Gruppe

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PrefWeb and Ideal Weinstock | PrefWeb as central theme of the Ideal in-house exhibition

At the first in-house exhibition of Ideal- Weinstock, PrefWeb had a Successful start.
On 17.05.2019 the first IDEAL in-house exhibition brought together the professionals of the window construction industry and accompanying trades and offered the best opportunity to experience products, services, innovations, trends and live highlights.
IDEAL Fensterbau Weinstock GmbH has been successfully maintaining itself on the market for almost 30 years. What began with a small wooden window production in Traben-Trarbach has now grown into a proud company with 320 employees and 5 production places in Wittlich-Wengerohr and Traben-Trarbach, where high-quality windows and doors are built.

Begruessung Stefan Weinstock
PrefWeb_Tom Winterstein8003715


“PrefWeb” the trade fair’s highlight

One highlight of the in-house exhibition was the presentation of PrefWeb, our web-based Software which offers IDEAL dealers the possibility to make window orders even more efficient. Thanks to PrefWeb, dealers will be located independent in the future and can even enter their orders while on the move.
A further advantage of the system is clearly its speed: The system’s user interface is easy to understand and no time-consuming training is required. This also eliminates hosting fees or installations.

“Our first in-house exhibition has been a success and was well received by our customers. We were once again able to position ourselves as an innovative manufacturer of high-end windows. It was particularly important to introduce to our customers to the topic of digitization. Our customers are construction element dealers, joineries and building material dealers. In general, this target group still has few points of contact with this topic”.

Stefan Weinstock
Managing Director

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